April 11, 2008

After nervously sitting behind my desk all morning, jumping whenever my inbox said ‘ping’, I got a call from WWF.

‘You’ve been accepted onto the program!’

I proceeded to jump up and down a lot, ring lots of people, and then, in a vain attempt to look normal again in front of my colleagues, started to scribble nonsense on my notepad.

I’m SO excited – I’m going to spend this weekend preparing myself mentally (much like this).


2 Responses to “Accepted!”

  1. Andrew Bradley said

    Wonderful! What’s the Inuit for “well done”?

  2. Bouwe Hillen said

    hee koning! what are you going to do during your ‘Artic Voyage’? wat staat er allemaal op het programma? don’t scare the wildlife too much, and enjoy the experience. I’ll ask all about it next easter, or sooner if i can.

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