It Ain’t Easy Being Green

April 14, 2008

Sometimes it can be so difficult to talk to people about climate change.

Sure, the off-hand remark about the weather, ‘must be that ol’ devil called climate change!’ brings you to the topic – but how on earth do you engage in a real debate?

I always want to keep an upbeat mood when talking about the environment, but sometimes I just can’t help wanting to run around the city naked with a sign hanging from my neck, shouting frantically,


But that ain’t gonna get nobody thinkin’ (well, not in the way I want them to).

The more I learn (loss of all Arctic summer ice by 2040, anyone?) I’m beginning to see just how serious this thing is.

So you’ll understand why I want to get on this Arctic ship – learn, learn and learn (not just facts, but how to talk about them), and be ready to hit the ground running when we get back.

At least then no-one will have to endure my nude city-marathon. ☺


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