May 7, 2008

A lot of things which we complain about can’t be solved by individuals on their own.

A creative consultancy agency in Manila (that’s the Philippines, kids) has organised a ‘Mindstorming’.

Instead of working on a single project for a client, this event will solve a problem in the community. From the invitation:

There are problems that plague are communities; trash cans that no one seems to want to use, bunches of ugly black power cables, stray cats.

Let’s choose one. Let’s talk about it. And let’s find realistic, actionable and innovative solutions.

I think that has a lot of potential!


2 Responses to “Mindstorming”

  1. Thorwald said

    Let’s choose grammar :-P

    On a slightly more serious note, isn’t that what politics is for?

  2. cterkuile said

    cruel, cruel man! in fact, I may have paraphrased them – meaning that I am solely responsible for the hacking apart of your beloved english language!

    i think that politics scares a lot of people these days – it seems so remote, while this is hyper-local, which i hope gives people the feeling that they can DO something about it.

    community organising – Obama has made it glamorous!

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