The Joyful Vegetarian

May 7, 2008

It’s been nearly two years since I became a vegetarian, and I can honestly say that it has been one of the easiest and best decisions I have ever made.

When I came to University, I realised that I didn’t really enjoy cooking with meat, and the meat I found in the supermarket was not the same quality that I’d got used to at home – with the Bio-Dynamic Oranic Farms we have.

Environmentally, I knew this was an area where I could radically reduce my carbon binging, and so I thought I’d try out being a vegetarian.

Little did I know!

My whole world view has changed. I feel so good about myself as I’m living more in tune with my values, cooking healthily, doing good for the environment, and saving animal lives.

All those horribly disturbing images of factory farming always shocked me, but it never really made me stop eating the body parts of animals. Seeing friends around me living the good life without consuming animal flesh made me realise – I can do it too!

Since then, I have been captivated by (i think) the best podcast ever made – ‘Vegetarian Food For Thought’ by Colleen Patrick-Gudreau from Compassionate Cooks.

She is so wonderfully positive, embracing and entertaining! She is the best type of teacher – encouraging, empowering and non-judgemental. Mixing history, literature, nutrition, health and animal welfare is no easy task – but she carries it off with such joy and love – it is truly the highlight of my week to listen to her.

If I could ask you to do anything today, listen to one episode and start your journey :)

This link enables you to add the podcast to iTunes etc..

Joyful Vegan


2 Responses to “The Joyful Vegetarian”

  1. Meatless dining changed my life too.

    In 1970 my wife and I made a New Year’s resolution to try vegetarianism for a week too. We have kept the resolution to this day. What’s more it started a new career for us – writing vegetarian cookbooks – as Nikki is both a nutritionist and trained in recipe development. Anyone interested in easy, reliable, time and taste tested, nutritionist approved (and developed), 1300 vegetarian recipes should take a look at “American Wholefoods Cuisine.” In print for more than thirty years it is considered the “vegetarian Joy of Cooking” by both gourmet and health writers.

  2. Arno said

    Being a vegetarian is not eating fear.

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