Pangea Day

May 14, 2008

This weekend, I had a good friend to visit me in Berlin. I wanted to show her a good time, and as the Berghaim/Panorama Bar is not really my thing (people go on Sunday morning at 4am, return Monday evening 6pm), I had to find some alternatives.

May 10th was Pangea Day. The name refers to the land mass which existed before the continents were separated. The idea is to have people all around the world watch the same films, at the same time – a pretty cool idea to show us our common humanity.

‘Berlin will have a screening somewhere’ I thought, and sure enough, I managed to weasel myself on to a guest list of a media screening in an exclusive mansion on the premier boulevard – Unter den Linden.

We schmoozed with the organiser, ate the free food and even bumped into my current boss… I felt a little cold-shouldered that none of the press cameras were pointed at us, only the German celebrities attending, but hey, you can’t have everything!

What I really took from the evening, was to what an overwhelming extent people are working towards achieving peace and sustainability. And that is not the easy way out.

From protecting small farmers from agro-business in India, peace in Israel/Palestine, ending the conflicts in Sudan and Chad, relief efforts in Asia, to working to end racism, sexism and homophobia all over the world. Protecting the rain forests, saving local schools and services, forcing accountability, encouraging democratic involvement – all of this is done by people like you and me. Isn’t that just the most wonderful thing?

Working towards a better world is not a woolly dream, it is the toughest thing to do – making you face your own prejudice and pain, as well as fear from others. But it is the most beautiful thing out there.

Pangea Day


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