I Don’t Know About You…

May 18, 2008

Not Anti-Business

I don’t know about you – but learning more about Climate Change and how the global political and business system works, has been a real revelation.

Since watching The Corporation a few years ago, I’ve been much more wary of multi national privatisation and outsourcing – knowing the potential problems involved. It’s not that I’m somehow anti-business – indeed, in some cases, business can lead to faster solutions on Climate Change than government can!

But last night I read another chapter in Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, and it was with utter confusion that I read about how the Iraq War has, essentially, been outsourced. Not only cooking and cleaning – but training police forces, organising the reconstruction effort and even actual combat.

So although this following video is not directly about Climate Change (although think about carbon emissions from a war zone…), it is about how we need to question the stories we hear in the media, make sure that companies are accountable to national and international law, and that ultimately – sustainability is intrinsically linked to peace.


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