May 19, 2008

 Looks like the Yuppies are out!

CNN has covered the emergence of the YAWNs (Young And Wealthy but Normal) which sees people like us who are, `the new movers and shakers, their dreams big and bold. They are men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who want nothing less than to change the world and save the planet.’

Loving the examples they show of people just being bored of the idea of constantly buying new things. Pam Danziger, a consumer trends expert, says that we’ve been on a buying binge for the last 10 years. “Our closets are full. Our attics are full. Our garages are full. Enough already!”

And as I walked around the Museum of Communication today, I saw again how much more interesting old things are than new ones.

Full article here (worth the read :)


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