Marks & Spencer

May 21, 2008

Not long ago, Marks & Spencer launched one of the most praised marketing campaigns based solely on sustainability. In this campaign, they gave themselves 100 targets to achieve within the next five years.

They have now informed us that 17 of those commitments have been reached! These include some pretty cool ones,

  • CO2 emissions in stores, offices, warehouses and delivery vehicles reduced by nearly 50,000 tonnes, which is a 9% decrease on last year, despite opening 103 new stores.
  • Over 4.8 million Fairtrade cotton garments sold across womenswear, menswear, lingerie, kidswear and homewear product ranges. Fairtrade food and drink sales up 20% to £100m.
  • Organic food sales up over 40% to £145 m across 590 different product lines. Over 700,000 organic cotton, wool and linen garments sold and 300,000 garments, including fleeces, made from 4 million recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Using food waste to power some of their stores using an anaerobic digester which takes household food waste and converts it into electricity.

If they can do this – what’s stopping everyone else?!


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