Day 2

May 23, 2008

Today was our second and final day of training before we head off to the Arctic – and it was magnificent.

What I’ve learnt, and how I am learning, has far exceeded any personal expectation I had of working with WWF.

Most importantly, today has given me three tools;

  1. the confidence to speak to anyone on what I want to talk about
  2. my key messages – what do I want to say
  3. finding my own voice – how I can best say what I want to say

I’ll write in more detail about the key messages in the next few days – so you learn, as I have done, why this voyage is happening, and what we’re going to get out of it.

I’m beginning to realise what an incredible privilege it is to be going on this voyage. Not just a privilege, but a responsibility. People who have spent over 15 years working every day for WWF – have never been to visit a project area, and here am I – still at university, going to bare witness to one of the most important regions in the world today.

I have a responsibility – not just towards the people that I’ve met, the people that are supporting me, but to a much bigger group – to every young person in the world. Young people make up over half the world’s population – and it is such a small percentage of us who are being given the tools to most effectively talk to leaders on climate change. Myself and the other Ambassadors will represent our common concerns and demands to those we speak to when we return, because we know that we have to.

What fills me with such hope – is that from all around me, people are showing such enthusiasm and interest in this voyage – and want to learn more, and DO more. I am on inspiration overload :)

But right now, I just feel like this:


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