Google Earth On Climate Change

May 24, 2008

Google has launched a new way of seeing what is happening to our world. The interactive map allows you to look at the planet, from 1999-2099 and see where the world is heating up. You can travel the map – and click on icons to see what happens as the global temperature rises, but also through time – to see how the problems get ever more severe.

This image shows how Svalbard, where I’m going, is right in the center of where the extreme temperature increase is taking place.

That’s not good. (Oh, and by the way – the green you see on the map is still a 2 degree temperature rise – enough to start the snowball effect of climate change.)

If you haven’t already – make sure you install Google Earth (I guarantee at least two hours of ‘ooh, aah – wow!’), and then add this tool. Open Google Earth first, and then click on the link.


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