May 25, 2008

I just received the provisional itinerary for the trip – and it looks seriously impressive. Below is a very shortened version, to give you an idea of what is to come. Each day all of us will be blogging, taking pictures, creating video footage – so that you can follow our journey.

June 9th – All arrive in Oslo

10th – Fly to Longyearbyen (capital of Svalbard). Visit University of Svalbard. Introduction and Briefing to our program by Dr Neil Hamilton and Michel Schuurman. Lecture by Olav Mathias-Eira, an indigenous resident of the Arctic (tbc).

11th – Visit a 400m underground mine to see fossils of subtropical mammals from millions of years ago. Led by paleontologist Dr Appy Sluijs (tbc). Board boat and set sail.

12th – Life on the boat will be. 7am get up, 9am lectures, lunch, off-boat program, dinner, lectures, recaps, blogging, meeting with Alex (each nationality with own WWF rep).

Arrive in Kongsfjorden which has shrunk significantly. Visit scientific community at Ny Alesund. Lecture on effects of climate change on sea ice and glaciers by glaciologist (tbc).

13th – At the most northern point of Liefdefjorden. Chance of seeing polar bears and sea seals here. Neil will give a presentation on the geo-economic-political interest in the Arctic (oil, gas, fishery, shipping). Optional visit to German W.W.II station and whalers graveyard.

14th – Arrive in Prins Karls Forland. Lecture on tipping points and feedback mechanisms. Visit island where we hope to find harbor seals, walruses and large sea bird colonies.

15th – Return to Longyearbyen to get lecturers and media on and off board. Lecture by Marine Biologist Dr Michael Roleda on effects of Climate Change on marine life in Arctic. Arrive in Tryghamna.

16th – Arrive in Sorkapp. Lecture on sea ice dynamics by Marc Cornelissen. Presentation by Solitaire Townsend (my old boss!) on effective communication.

17th – Arrive in Hornsund. Visit scientific settlement. Lecture either by Polish scientist or Dr Martin Sommerkorn. Solitaire and Keith Stewart give presentation on political and business decision making.

18th – Arrive back in Longyearbyen. Meeting with VIP (tbc). Lecture by Glaciologist Dr Jack Kohler on glaciers.

19th – Travel to Oslo. Finalise footage and pack.

20th – Meeting with VIP Norwegian politician (tbc). Return to UK.


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