250 000

June 2, 2008

I got out of the shower yesterday morning, and saw a stream of bikes cycle past my block. Not just 20, a proper never-ending flow.

Putting on some clothes (no shoes), I picked up my keys, ran down the stairs to my trusty bike and joined the masses. Old people, young families, cool students, retiree clubs – everyone was part of it.

We cycled all over the city – even beyond the city limits – on motorways, past tourist sites, and everywhere we went – people were smiling. It really felt like a party on wheels! There were balloons and flags with stuff on it like these;

‘d’autres mondes sont possibles’

‘a more colourful world. the green party’

and plenty of pro-cycling t-shirts like this one.

Loved it.

This video is from last year – but it gives you a good impression :)


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