Spontaneous Action

June 9, 2008

The environmental blogosphere is buzzing today :)

The vital Climate Change Bill (come on, I know the world ‘Bill’ is boring – but this is exciting stuff) is in Parliament right now.

It will put into law that the UK must reduce greenhouse gases by 60% by 2050.

The scientists say we need at least 80%.

I’m on the side of the professionals :)

And the bill doesn’t include international shipping or aviation! (That’s right, all our efforts at saving, reducing, improving etc would be ruined because planes can carry on as normal. Rather foolish, I think.)

I know you want to do something about this – and you can. At Write To Them it is so easy to send a quick message to your MP to say that you want to see the Climate Change Bill actually do what it is supposed to – prevent dangerous Climate Chaos.

How lucky we are that we can do something about it!

Get more info (and ammo for that short note) here and here.

And join the Facebook group here.


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