Thoughts On The Day

June 11, 2008

It’s now 4pm (with still the same light as it was at 1am…) and things are hotting up. All the participants are really keen to be blogging more – but with internet access in our modest old coal mining residence hotel being rather limited, it has brought on the first bouts of ‘oh for goodness sake!’ Mind you, yesterday evening during filming, the (extremely expensive and new WWF) camera had an extremely close call with the muddy, frozen ground…and I uttered a LOT more than that!

Within the group things are good. We’re finding friendships amongst each other which is great! Its also amusing to see the cultural differences between the Japanese and the Dutch and everything else in between! I’m so impressed (as always) by the language skills of the non-English speakers!

Today we’ve been joined by a reporter from the Associated Press, along with a Swedish scientific correspondent and an (eccentric) Russian journalist, by the name of Olga!

Tonight, we head onto the boat. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to unpack a little – as the bottom of my suitcase has not seen daylight and I’m looking forward to wearing my gum boots (belonging to my dad when he sailed as a young(er) man).

It won’t surprise you to know that I have bought obscene amounts of chocolate from Germany with me – so that I survive the lengthy stretch away from civilisation. This will surely ruin my bright idea of, ‘oh, 10 days in the Arctic! We’re bound to loose some weight!’.

The walk today through Longyearbyen and the surrounding area was important for me, as it really gave me a sense of place. Its funny how, especially if you’re in a large group, you can stay totally in your own culture and mindset – without realising that you’re not in tune with your environment. Just taking the time to appreciate what is around us is so important.


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