Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Day Today ☺

June 13, 2008

In a few words:

Beautiful, exciting, creative, ideas and a scientific reality-check.

I woke up (showered in a 1 meter squared toilet/shower with a curtain to separate), and headed straight to the top deck for some morning gymnastics with Nanny from Sweden – tomorrow we’re determined to get at least 10 people to go for it!

One of the senior scientists (German – but with a sense of humour!) gave us an extensive look at what we’re facing here in the Arctic – and it is frightening. The pace of melting, and how much of it is disappearing, is a lot faster than scientists were expecting two years ago.

It is so difficult to imagine how a few rises in tenths of degrees can have such an immense effect not only on ice melting here – but what that means in terms of flooding, droughts, mass immigration, disease, geo-politics (the list goes on). Being here in this beautiful landscape with its vastness, the snow-capped peaks and glaciers feeding into the ocean, is really forming a clear picture of this change.

On the other hand, it emphasises that improving our behaviour and government policy can change this – but its up to us to drive that change.

Elsewhere, I’m beginning to think I should have listened to my bird-fanatic father in his lengthy explanations of the difference between a long- and short-beaked woodpecker, as we’re seeing some spectacular birdlife! (All though they all look the same to me – but shush!)

I did see my first seal (whooooo!), who cheekily teased us as we stood on the shore. Every time I was zoomed in and ready, he ducked right back down into the water and hid. Luckily I did manage to get a hot shot!

Finally we’ve just come out of an amazingly positive and productive meeting with just the ambassadors – no press buzzing around us (I’m beginning to feel a little bit like a very poor man’s celebrity) and allowing us to discuss and debate what we’re doing here and why. For me, this was the most useful part of the voyage so far. All of us have a passion to take action, and various experiences and ideas on how to move forward – and that is why we’re here.

There is so much knowledge out there in the world – I wish I could just somehow know it all and magically transfuse it all around me ☺


One Response to “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Day Today ☺”

  1. Anna said

    It all sounds really great except: “German – but with a sense of humour” – what is that supposed to mean? Hah!
    Cheers from Berlin xxx

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