June 13, 2008

When I was at school, I was part of a delegation to The Hague International Model United Nations where I was to represent Kenya in the General Assembly.

Next to me, was the representative from Kiribati (and I had no idea where on earth it was…).

On World Environment Day, the President of Kiribati made an astonishing request.

He isn’t asking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – its already too late. He’s asking to be helped evacuate the country as it will submerge beneath rising sea levels.

This is Ruka and Tekori Tikanga, and they live in Kiribati. They’ve been working on recycling and reducing waste – now they’re home will disappear underwater.

Climate Change is not just about temperature changes and polar bears – it is fundamentally changing the world we know.

The Independent wrote about it in full here.


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