Opening My Arms, And Welcoming You In

June 18, 2008

As we finished one of our last sessions with a ‘god-like’ figure in the glaciologist world, who confirmed and extended our understanding of glacial activity here in Svalbard (no, no – it was actually interesting!), we got ready to go out on our final water trip.

We’d left the boat and its wonderful crew this morning (having recorded the ‘Good Morning’ message from the ship leader so we can use it as phone alarms), and we made our way to the hotel in Longyearbyen. Today’s final water adventure was not on the big boat, nor the little zodiacs – but on medium-sized open boats that go at 30 knots per hour (fast) and carry 15 people. I put on every item I had in my suitcase, and added a ‘survival suit’ and then sat down in the boat.

The water was wonderfully calm on the way to the secret location – we saw puffins, glaciers and snow-tipped mountains rising above the ocean. It was wonderful to sit together in the boat, yet be consumed by our own thoughts, plans and ideas. So many things came together I my mind – what I want to achieve with this voyage, but mostly how this experience is not about being given a problem to deal with, but being welcomed with open arms into a powerful movement of change.

Then we had our secret meeting – which for privacy readings we have agreed not to talk about on our blogs for two weeks…

But on our way home, we had wind. We had rain. We had 3m waves. We bumped up and down SO hard – my arse has NEVER felt such pain, but it was one of the coolest moments of my life! The trip back was twice as long, and by the end my face was covered in dried salt, my insides numb, and I had shouted just about every expletive word my bi-lingual vocabulary holds.

Nice :P


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