APPCCG AGM (snooze…)

June 24, 2008

Today I went to the House of Commons.

It was quite exciting – swanning up to the seat of power in Westminster – especially because it looks like this, and has swarms of tourists outside.

I was there to go to the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group Annual General Meeting. (Now that is fun to say in an acronym – APPCCG AGM.) I sat next to Claire Short (who is very tall) and listened carefully. The aim of the group is to ‘deliver meaningful progress on climate change by creating an arena in which interested and relevant parties are able to discuss and formulate policy options and encourage the application of those that offer greatest promise.’

It has a very long list of MPs, Lords and companies taking part and they talk and discuss and learn.

It was interesting enough – but just a little too much sitting down and looking concerned for me.

This is what makes young people different. We still have the energy, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude that gets hacked away the longer you sit in an office. I’m very glad that this group of people meets and keeps Climate Change on the agenda – but it change through this kind of means is so slow!


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