Left Pinky

June 24, 2008

One of the stories Solitaire Townsend shared with us in her session while in the Arctic was when she spoke to a group of very committed environmentalists. A lot of hemp was being worn. A lot of dreadlocks.

She asked them, ‘if running around the streets of London naked would save 5 million tonnes of CO2, would you do it?’

The crowd raised their hands to say ‘yes!’

Then she asked, ‘if you could eliminate all of Europe’s emissions by cutting off your left pinky, would you do it?’

About three quarters of the audience said they would.

A crowd that obviously really cared about the environment. So she asked them one final question,

‘Would you then please get a haircut and put on a suit?!’

It’s a good point. If you’re dressed up as a Polar Bear, are dancing the hokey-kokey with a druid, do you think you’ll be taken seriously.

This is not to say that those so inclined should forever stop, but merely pointing out that it is much easier to ignore and laugh at someone who looks ridiculous than someone with well thought out arguments, facts to back them up and who looks like you.

(For those wearing hemp and with dreadlocks – a fantastic blog entry on this topic can be found here.)


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