The UK Youth Climate Coalition

June 29, 2008

Coming back from a unique experience, like I had in the Arctic, always makes you look at your own life anew. During the voyage, I definitely had the feeling that I wanted to step up to what I really could do – to go beyond what I’d been doing before.

Having followed blogs from various young people involved in the fight against Climate Change, and realising that we need to reach out to all sorts of people to tackle this – not just environmentalists and those interested in politics – I’m beginning to see the threat of dangerous Climate Change as an enemy we need to face, much like a war.

So Emma and I sat down to set up the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

The YCC will unite young people from diverse organisations (environmental groups, student unions, drama clubs, swim teams etc etc) to voice our generational concern on Climate Change. We want to make sure that the government and negotiators at international conferences know that the young people of this country will not accept failure.

The Copenhagen meeting in December 2009 is where the follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol is decided on. We must ensure that those in power know that we will not stand for any more delays or excuses. They are toying with our future.

That is why Emma and I are now beginning to reach out to the large number of allies we have, those who we can learn from and work with, and begin to put this together. We’re proud of the start we’ve made, and ready for the task ahead.

If you have any advice, questions, stories to share – please let me know!

Here’s Emma telling you a bit more about it all :)


3 Responses to “The UK Youth Climate Coalition”

  1. Sholeh Johnston said

    Top notch, Casper! What a fantastic thing to do. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. I hope to hear more about YCC very soon :)

  2. Lauren said

    Hi guys,
    Just stumbled across this blog! I am a member of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and am currently in the UK. Would absolutely LOVE to meet up with you and find out about all the fantastic wonderful ideas you are up to and I will be happy to exchange some of our ideas with you :)

    Please email me asap as I actually will only be around for 2 more days!
    All the best of luck in empowering the Youth of the UK.

  3. ljs1.618 said

    Hi there,
    Saw your presentation to the people on the IGGY summer U at Warwick Uni last month, certainly gave me something to think about! I can’t watch your video because my computer won’t let me, but could you tell me where I can get some more info on the UK Youth Climate Coalition, please?

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