Two-Day Madness

July 3, 2008

The last two days have been really very busy. I joked that I loved the whole dash-meeting-busy-yah-dash-dash-train-meeting-yah life, and it does feel really good for a little while, but now I am totally spent. Thank goodness I’m spending today clearing my room, helping a friend cook for her birthday bash in a field, and emailing quietly.

Things are really beginning to move. It’s so nice that whenever we talk about the Youth Climate Coalition (YCC) to people, they are very positive! Everyone has questions and ideas, and I’m so thankful for the wonderful network of people Emma and I have around us. We’ve also now established contact with other YCCs around the world, supportive politicians, and more allies in the UK.

As for the meetings with those listed below, something positive emerged from each one. We’ve even been tasked to write a document for the University of Warwick to suggest ways in which they can more effectively communicate with students on how to reduce carbon emissions, as well as what else the university can do.

High Five!

Norman Baker MP – Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment

Nigel Thrift – Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick

Jon Baldwin – Registrar of the University of Warwick

Mary Griffin – Environmental Correspondent for the Coventry Telegraph

Jackie Smith – Marketing Manager University of Warwick Students’ Union


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