Lunchtime Learning

July 4, 2008

Every Friday, Futerra have someone to come and speak to them at lunchtime. They all bustle into the big meeting room and munch away at delicious food while someone presents something of interest.

This week, it was me.

As they have Green royalty like Jonathan Porritt to come and speak to them now and then, I felt a bit frazzled – especially as these guys communicate sustainability as a job, and I am a mere student :)

I talked about the Arctic, what I’d seen, what’s changing, about how we need a global movement to fight this nasty beast called Climate Change, about the setting up of the YCC and about Green Finger.

They liked Green Finger. So we did one.

(Lucky that I had an hour beforehand to walk around London finding good green pens!)


3 Responses to “Lunchtime Learning”

  1. jenny the Norwegian panda said

    You’re so cool, Casper! I am your fan! :-J

  2. Henry said

    It was great to have you in Casper! You’ve inspired two posts on our Blog!

    Jonathan Porritt will have a lot to live up to…

  3. […] Georgina mentioned in the post below we had Casper in for lunch last week, fresh ‘n’ frosty from the Arctic. He was charming, witty and […]

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