Anna Rose

July 7, 2008

Sometimes, things happen at just the right time. In just the right way. With just the right people.

Like a really good game of Risk, or a camp fire.

Tonight, I had one of those moments. Emma and I have been reaching out to our international colleagues (in America, India, Canada and Australia), so that we can learn what works, what takes time and how we can best organise the UK Youth Climate Movement.

I’ve just spent 40 minutes on the phone to Anna Rose from down under, who is proving to be one of my favourite people of 2008. Not only did she set up the Australian YCC, work with the youth movement in America, complete her law degree, work for the National Union of Students, organise various conferences and actions – this remarkable individual is helping to set up YCC’s in Pakistan, giving advice to a YCC in Africa and now – to us in the UK.

I can’t express how amazing it feels to know that there is someone – one phone call away – who has done everything that Em and I are going to do, before.

All I can say is – it’s time for a happy dance!


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