School’s Question Time

July 11, 2008

This evening was the recording of School’s Question Time.

Produced by young people. 2000 people in the audience, all under 18. And an 18-year old UKIP-supporting panel member, chosen from a competition in which entrants had to send in a one minute clip of themselves.

Emma got to the final five, and auditioned with David Dimbleby (he doesn’t believe climate change is man-made….). This meant she was invited with one guest (hello!) to come and watch the recording, have drinks with the panel and be part of the day.

It was an interesting day – and we schmoozed all we could. Green Fingers were made, business cards exchanged (we still need to print them, once we’ve got our logo designed!) and interesting conversations were had. What struck me most, was the fact that the people in the audience, and asking questions, seemed to not really believe that they mattered.

On knife crime:

‘It’s going to happen anyway – you can’t change it.’

On reducing the age of voting to 16:

‘We probably don’t know enough about politics to vote, and it won’t make a difference to the percentage turnout.’

Alarm bells were ringing!

We need young people to feel that they matter, that their opinions are valid as opinions – because it builds understanding, cooperation and responsibility. And we need more of that.


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