Climate Camp

August 6, 2008

Today is a special day.

I am travelling to the Climate Camp in Kent, where I will be joining hundreds of protesters from around the country.

The government is planning to build 8 new coal-fired power stations, locking us into an energy system that burns the dirtiest fossil fuel that exists. Not only is this going to accelerate Climate Change, it sends a message out to the rest of world, especially emerging economies such as China, that this is acceptable. And it simply isn’t.

Britain (currently the leading developed-nation voice on Climate Change!), will completely undermine itself by building these carbon monsters. It is absurd.

But I’m not just going to protest, I’m going for a number of reasons;

Education: Each day there are a huge amounts of workshops, discussion, planning groups and skillshares. (I can even learn how to bake a vegan cake or watch a documentary!) Some people at the camp have been life-long campaigners, and I am sure to learn a lot from them!

Networking: Some of the most prominent environmental campaigners and thinkers will be present. In terms of raising awareness about the UK YCC and what we’re doing, as well as focusing the debate on how to get a strong, legally-binding global deal at Copenhagen – this event is vital.

Green Finger: Emma and I want to get 100 Green Fingers while we’re at the camp.

Sustainable Living: As you can imagine, the camp is greener than green, so I look forward to seeing some sustainable living in action.

There are MPs, MEPs, hippies, Unionists, students, local residents, old people, young people, black people, white people: this camp is about all of us. If you want to join us, come! Especially on Saturday when some of us will be marching to the front gate of the E.On to protest, and some will try to shut the plant down.

One of the protestors, who is now in the camp, was interviewed on the BBC. I’m not yet sure if I will break the law to make my point, but I totally understand why she will be.


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