Shell Ad

August 13, 2008

If you think one person can’t make a difference, you’re wrong.

Alex, who works for WWF, spotted a Shell ad in the Financial Times in February. It mentioned how the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, are a sustainable energy source. Shell is opening up the sands on such a vast scale, that you can even can see them from space.

It rather surprised her – as she’s been to the tar sands, and knows that ‘sustainable’ is the last word one would use to describe it. In fact, the production of oil from tar-soaked shale or sand can create up to eight times as many emissions as conventional oil production does, and uses horribly large amounts of water and land.

She wrote to the Advertising Standards Authority and complained, and this week, they’ve told Shell the ad was misleading, and will not be allowed to publish it again.

Sometimes it takes just one person to say something – that’s something we can all do.

These are stills from an advert that WWF is running at Waterloo Station.


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