Eco-Activist Olympians

August 17, 2008

I love the Olympics. I just can’t help myself!

‘Oh yeah – 16.850 on the pummel horse!’ is something I’ll only say once every four years… and it’s amazing how I can get into diving or the cycling team sprint or even the timely beach volleyball match between Georgia and Russia.

The most foolish amazing of them all has to be the marathon, where reigning world champion Catherine Ndereba from Kenya will be going for gold. I’m cheering her on because she’s one of the UNEP Champions for the Environment.

She said, ‘more people need to use their legs rather than cars, whenever possible!’ We might even end up running at the Olympics…

Also check out the 14 other athletes in Beijing who are passionate and acting on environmental issues. has got some North American athletes to spread the message – I like!


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