Hard Truths

August 22, 2008

The more that I read about climate change, and how we’re going to solve it, I’m beginning to see that by fighting it – we’re able to transform our society anew. Full of the things we really want, and less of the things we don’t.

Tonight, as I read one of the most beautiful texts on this (download it here), I feel so empowered, and positive, excited even – that I am joyous at the thought that I can play a role in this.

What a gift.

Just one quote, (it could have been hundreds!)

‘At its deepest level, if we are to address the linked environmental, social, and even spiritual crises, we must address the wellsprings of human caring, motivation, and social identity. To understand these issues, we must seek the help of fields not regularly associated with environmental issues. We have many sophisticated scientific and policy analyses of climate change, species loss, and other environmental issues, but our situation also requires the knowledge and wisdom of psychologists and philosophers, poets and preachers, historians and humanists to help us see and communicate hard truths and inspire individual and social change.’


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