Economy vs Environment

August 26, 2008

This is how it’s presented: now that people are watching their money a little more closely, they aren’t going to buy that organic salad anymore.

Well, that may be – but nor are they buying the ten flat screens and three electric hat stands. As Nyree Ambarchian writes in her column ‘Shades of Green’ in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘Supermarkets are recording a slump in the sale of ready meals with more customers choosing to cook rather than ‘ping’ their evening meal. Sales of teddy bears and spinning tops are up with parents favouring longer lasting toys. UK camp sites are enjoying a 10% increase in bookings as holidays abroad are substituted for the simple pleasures of the great outdoors. People are also taking the greener, cheaper option when it comes to transport with 14% flying less and 6% driving less. Even the amount of junk mail we are receiving through the letter box is decreasing, particularly items from credit card companies.

All this is great news for the environment! We are all doing less of the things that are really damaging (shopping, driving, flying) and doing more of the things that are greener and healthier (cooking from scratch, cycling, enjoying nature).

And really this is all we need to do – a bit less, a bit slower. The credit crunch might have shunted the environment off the front page, but it’s doing wonders for changing the way we live; making us greener, healthier and, dare I say it, happier.’

True dat.


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