Creative Fashion

August 28, 2008

While I was living in Berlin, a friend of mine (who was living on an exciting Berlin budget) would always keep an eye out for the clothing item which looked ‘nearly’ right – often to be found in second-hand shops.

She’d take it home – add buttons, re-shape it, and turn it into this really beautiful, one-off piece that looked perfect for her!

I was reminded of this when reading this article in the Guardian about the end of cheap throw-away fashion.

“Even those who formerly and gleefully proclaimed Primark the new Prada are now suggesting that fast fashion has rather had its day. Apparently it is all about ‘investment dressing’ – buying one piece and loving it for a long time – now as fashionistas tighten their tiny little belts.”

(Sarah’s creativity extended to the make-shift Christmas tree in the background here!)


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