Don’t Stop At The Lights

August 29, 2008

Faith groups are some of the most powerful agents of change.

Think of the Catholic church as part of the Polish Solidarity movement or the newly elected leader of Paraguay (known as the Bishop of the Poor).

The Church of England recently released a new manual entitled, ‘Don’t Stop at the Lights’ to encourage parishes to move towards a low-carbon community. Some of the suggestions go back centuries to look at medieval traditions such as using church land to grow certain plants, and a procession through the parish which could raise the profile of fighting climate change. Also included are ideas of using Lent as a good time for environmental audits and setting new energy saving targets.

The Rt Revd Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, commented: ‘This book offers us not just tips on energy saving but a reorientation. The intention is not to urge Christians to get measured for a hair shirt but to rediscover ‘how good and joyful a thing it is to dwell together in unity’ with all that lives.’

It reminds me of something Barbara Kingsolver once said,

‘Your life doesn’t need so much stuff, if you have people in it.’


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