Advisory Board

September 7, 2008

Like Rasputin to the Russian Tsarina, and Sir William Marshall to King John, every decision maker needs the good counsel of an advisor.

If Emma and I are to be the King Arthurs of youth climate organising, we need our very own team of Merlins to share their wisdom, and help us nagivate the excitement of running a young organisation in the climate movement. These generous and talented individuals are people we respect deeply, and who inspire us daily.

Thank you to all of you!

Adam Askew
Adam is Activism Team Manager for Oxfam GB and general good-guy. He is brilliant at bringing people together and has trained both Emma and Casper through Oxfam’s work. Knowledgeable and passionate, we’re chuffed he’s on the team.
Adam Nethersole
Adam is the Senior Marketing Manager at DEFRA and ran the Climate Change Champions program, so his experience of working with young people and climate change is assured! He has worked with various people within the climate movement and keeps giving us useful contacts, which we like very much.
Alan Turkie
Alan has been involved with the UK Youth Parliament since time began, and so is a seasoned and experienced expert in engaging with young people. He’s also leading Bristol to become a transition city, hopefully doing this with a strong West Country accent in his beloved Tennis outfit.
Alexandra Hartridge
Alex is the Climate Change Communications Manager at WWF UK. She accompanied us to the Arctic and although she looks shy and retiring – she has the determination and experience of someone to be feared! Alex is good at putting things in perspective and will ensure that Casper doesn’t go to Shell for money.
James Lloyd
James is now the Environment and Rural Affairs Adviser with the Liberal Democrats, and was previously Head of Campaigns at People & Planet and very involved with the National Union of Students. He is extremely good at asking the right questions, and will not shy away from difficult decisions. We like it when he challenges us, it makes us feel strong and brave.
Neil Hamilton 
Neil is the Director of the WWF Arctic Program. It was Neil’s idea to take young people to the Arctic, and as a scientist, Neil is worth having at our side. Although from drought-ridden Australia, we thought we’d allow him on the team because he has such a pretty smile and crazy facial hair.
Paul Edkins
Paul is the former Coordinator of One World Week and long term colleague and friend of both Emma and Casper. He’s good at making us re-think, asking probing questions, and knows us both very well. He looks a bit like a hippy, but we love him for it.
Rachel Laurence
Rachel has a broad background of working with young people. She was the Co-ordinator of the Voices for Change International Summer Event and has recently been working for Save the Children and the Manchester Refugee Support Network. We asked Rachel to make sure we keep the (hidden) radical fires burning in our stomachs.
Solitaire Townsend
Soli is the co-founder and Chief Executive of Futerra, the sustainable development communications agency. She’s very cool. If there was a god(dess) of how to talk about climate change – Soli would be her (it/him). She isn’t one to mince her words and we know Soli will be honest in what works and what doesn’t.


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