Newsletter 07.09.08

September 11, 2008

Here is our update for the last month! Let me know if you want to be on the mailing list!
Dear Friends of the UK Youth Climate Coalition,
Change is certainly in the air with the current US Election, severe weather we’re having and the fact the Emma has now left the country (via land) to go and study in Spain. Here she will continue her integral role with the UK YCC – using the gifts of twenty-first century technology, while Casper is back in rainy Coventry.
August was another busy month, where our activities have included:
  • After much enthusiasm, thinking and tea – we have our Founding Documents! (Check out ‘Who We Are, Our Mission and Our Objectives – attached to this email!)
  • We guest blogged for the utterly amazing (read it here)
  • We gave a three-hour workshop to the fantastic young people at the You, Me and the Climate all about how to campaign, communicating climate change and the Arctic
  • We have gathered a talented, generous and biscuit-loving Advisory Board
  • Our logo is near completion thanks to our wonderful friends Emily and Lulu
  • We were interviewed for an upcoming children’s book on climate change by the talented and generous Nicola Davies
  • We took some creative action on the UN International Day of Youth with a climate change theme
  • We’ve got in touch with DEFRA to ask that they include young people in their official delegation to the UN Conference of Parties in December (and are still waiting for a response…)

We are also joining with Otesha UK to take a UK youth delegation to the upcoming UNFCCC talks in December – so if you’d like to apply (or know someone who would), let us know – we’ll send you an application form.

The best thing though, is the continued contact we’ve had with young people from all around the country who hold testament to the fact that our generation cares about this passionately. Every day we have the privilege to know that by inspiring, empowering, uniting and mobilising these hundreds of thousands of young poeple, we can really change things.
Wishing you all the hope and happiness to continue your wonderful work,
Casper ter Kuile and Emma Biermann
Co-Directors, UK YCC

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