Climate Rush

September 25, 2008

Remember the suffragettes?

They stood up for something that we now take for granted: universal suffrage.

They did this, because they knew it was right. Even though they were ridiculed, opposed by vested interests and the task seemed impossible; they succeeded.

On October 13th, women will lead a mass climate rush to commemorate this movement, and to link it to our own.

This is the invitation open to you all,

100 years ago the Suffragettes went to Parliament and demanded that their society change. They held a mass rally outside Parliament to which thousands came, before a number of them rushed into Parliament and got everyone’s attention. We invite you all to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this world changing event. We invite you to celebrate when women got radical. Enjoy a rally and speeches in Parliament Square. Enjoy social change.

Visit the website here.


3 Responses to “Climate Rush”

  1. alice said

    this is awesome! but it’s october 13th :)

  2. cterkuile said

    thanks alice :) schoolboy error… (and now updated!)

  3. […] wrote a few weeks ago about Climate Rush – and I am so excited about […]

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