September 30, 2008

As you know, in December 2009, the city of Copenhagen will host perhaps the most important UN talks on climate change in history. There, the world will decide on a global deal that cuts greenhouse gases, and how we deal with the changes that our lifestyles have already forced onto the climate.

This week, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, visits America. In a recent speech, he said,

“The world is at a crossroad. We need to choose a direction that will take us safely through the 21st century. Right now, we are on the wrong track.

We can continue to watch helplessly how the oil price rises and falls. Watch floods here and abroad, continue to transfer huge amounts of wealth to autocratic regimes and rely on unstable supplies of oil and gas, watch our planet grow more unlivable every day.

Our will to act upon these problems goes to the very heart of who we are. Climate change will occur whether we decide to act or not. But we have the opportunity to control the process and take advantage of the transition.”

Let’s hope that our actions prove to those politicians that we want them to take that opportunity.


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