Facebook Photos

October 31, 2008

Who’d have thought that our narcissistic obsession with Facebook photos would be so carbon intensive?!

Considering there are now over 10 000 000 000 000 (10 Billion) photos on Stalkbook, and that if the social network were a country, it would be the twelfth most populous, it might not come as a surprise that Facebook uses 10,000 servers and 30,000 PCs. Now those number sound pretty big, and they use a heck of a lot of energy.

And all that just being used to look at those dull pictures of your ex in the university library.

Thanks to Trendspotting.


Selling You Piece Of Mind

October 31, 2008

More fantastic interview videos being created by Dan. This one features Kevin Smith talking about the ineffective idea of carbon offsets, and it’s pretty damning what he has to say:

European Youth Get Ready

October 30, 2008

Last weekend I was in Leuven, Belgium to meet other European Youth going to the UN talks on climate change this December. In the past, there has been only a very small number of Europeans at these talks (probably because they were bloody far away – Montreal, Nairobi, Bali…), but all that is about to change.

This year the talks are in Poland, and the mega-important ones next year are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We spent the time building our knowledge – the Vice-President of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (the leading scientific body on climate change with over 2500 scientists working on their reports) came to speak and told us it was time to get people out on the streets! We learned more about the UN process, but most importantly we spread ideas and got to know each other.

The EU often negotiates as a block in these global talks, and that means that we need to work together as a block too. All I’m saying is that we are ready to rumble!

Germany, France, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Denmark were all represented. And Costa Rica – but he doesn’t count :)

Nice little video from Greenpeace, who have managed to bring back to life JFK in all his glory. Seems he wanted to build an Apollo project on renewable energy, much like this guy.

Thanks to Tom for posting this great little piece of audio.

Alastair McIntosh is a wonderful writer and thinker. In the brief audio clip from the beloved Today Program he presents the issues surrounding dealing with the economic bubble and climate change. Although I agree that consumerism is definitely not the answer to the climate crisis, I think that massive public investment into renewable energies, a low-carbon extensive public transport system and a big push to weatherise our homes would not only lead the country into a secure climate, but also stimulate the economy.

Alastair also spoke at this year’s Do Lectures, which you can watch here. And finally, a little clip of him explaining the concept of ‘Not In My Term Of Office’, which we should all be very wary of!

Amy Greenhouse Reports

October 29, 2008

Just something a little more humorous…

Usually, But Not This Time

October 28, 2008

The Arctic continues to be a seriously frightening alarm bell.

The Times reports that;

‘The Arctic icecap is now shrinking at record rates in the winter as well as summer, adding to evidence of disastrous melting near the North Pole, according to research by British scientists.

Usually the Arctic icecap recedes in summer and then grows back in winter. These findings suggest the period in which the ice renews itself has become much shorter.’

The super worrying thing though, is that the cause is not warm air temperature (in 2007 they were relatively cold), but a longer-term climate change like a rise in water temperature or ocean circulation. And if that’s confirmed, this could mean that the Arctic is likely to melt much faster than had been thought.

And this guy (one of the Polar Bears we saw) won’t survive that.

The IPCC is the scientific body that informs the UN process on climate change. It would be nice to think that the climate science which emerges from there is not political, but as one of the peer reviewers David Wasdell demonstrates, this is not the case.

Last week, the Telegraph covered a story on how their published numbers are now out of date.

Here is a quiet, but incredibly intense video from him.

The Climate Generation

October 27, 2008

This really struck me when I read it on It’s Getting Hot In Here,

‘It’s a common sentiment among people my age – those of us who were born when the first consensus came out on climate change by the international scientific community.

Who was watching when we were 5-years-old and the IPCC wrote the first major climate change report? Who was in charge when we were 10 and science showed that humans were changing the climate? And what was the world doing at the creation of the Kyoto Protocol when we were 12?

But then we get a twinkle in our eyes as we remember that we dedicated ourselves to climate change at 18. We smile at each other when remembering being at the first meeting of the Kyoto Protocol at age 19.

And we break into a full grin when we realise we’re creating more changes than we ever thought possible at age 22. Meet my generation. The generation that woke up to climate change.’

Zoë Caron

And if you want proof – here’s the latest UN Environment Program statistics. 88 percent of young people around the world think global leaders should do “whatever it takes” to tackle climate change.


October 27, 2008

Conventional climate change communication knowledge would say this video would be disasterous:

And yet, I really like it.

Just the idea that every time that a metal sausage-shaped vehicle flies overhead, there are hundreds of shy wood-men who duck and run away, I felt genuinely sad!

I guess it’s the fear of losing our own homes, it’s something universal. Everybody protects their own home if it’s under threat.

Plane Stupid is one of the most dynamic groups that works hard and creatively to protect those homes, check ’em out