Forecast For Tomorrow

October 8, 2008

On Monday, Oxfam launched a report offering a snapshot of UK climate policies and practices.

It’s a good read (executive summary here), with the central point being this quote,

‘Within the UK, some of the world’s best, most-inspiring progress in tackling climate change is already happening. These solutions far and away outstrip the ambition of the weak carbon-reduction targets now being contested in international climate negotiations. They give great credence to the UK as a genuine world leader in tackling climate change. At the same time, a powerful coterie of interests is locked together in the kind of dirty, regressive actions and policies that could undo this progress and derail the UK’s emissions targets. They would also undermine the UK’s international standing and, if unchecked, will help lock the world into a future that will be catastrophic – particularly for the world’s poorest and most-vulnerable people.’

Surely it applies as much to the UK as it does to all of us, if you’re going to do something – it’s worth doing it well. Like this lego painting for example…


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