October 14, 2008

Yesterday was Climate Rush and I’m so thrilled that I can say that I was there on the first time it happened!

I looked the part..

…and I even added a red sash to this outfit later, which read ‘reform climate policy’.

Because we were dressed as suffragettes and in Edwardian costume, the atmosphere of the rally started with the feel of a tea party as much as anything else. Lot’s of upper-middle class ladies, many of whom had joined the Women’s Institute there, and even tea and cakes were being sold!

Even though I didn’t know anyone when I arrived, I had put on my hat as I came out of the tube, tipped it towards one or two who looked like they were there for the Rush too – and just got talking to people. Old young, black white, some kids even – it felt like such a cross-section of society.

Then came the speakers – Rosie Boycott, a woman representing the Muslim Lawyers Association and of course Caroline Lucas. She was fantastic! Once she finished her rousing speech, we started to chant ‘Deeds Not Words’ and broke out of the barriers imposed on us, spilled onto the road and headed towards the doors of parliament.

Because we were all walking, chanting, wearing these amazing costumes, some holding onto each other for courage, it felt like a very strong, peaceful and powerful moment.

It was amazing to feel the power of linking to 60,000 women who had marched there for justice exactly 100 years ago, and now we were there to demand the same. We talked to people walking past, got them interested, shouted, supported those putting their convictions before the law and making it clear to government that we want deeds, not words.

Coverage in the Telegraph here (I spoke to this journalist – she didn’t use my quote though…).

Coverage on the BBC here (I’m in the shot! And the organiser, Tamsin, is lead off after being arrested for breaching bale. Her courage is astonishing).

Coverage in the Guardian is here.

Extensive coverage in the Daily Mail here.


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