Africa’s Largest…

October 16, 2008

Wind Farm!

Ethiopia will be building it because of the probable loss of energy available from hydro power, due to drought.

It’s the second most populous country on the continent has been suffering severe rain shortages, so this investment into clean energy, with new jobs has been warmly welcomed.


2 Responses to “Africa’s Largest…”

  1. Michelle said

    This is a fantastic step for Africa to be making, especially a country such as Ethiopia that has so many development issues to deal with. I think the third world will still surprise Developed countries with its commitment to renewable energy. The first commercial wind farm on the continent was opened this year on the west coast of South Africa and has shown to have potential. The reason why it waited so long was because the government did not allow private individuals to feed excess electricity produced into the national grid. I think if this law changed you will find many more producing their own renewable electricity, especially in countries where there are continuous power cuts, which is the case in many african countries, including South Africa.

  2. cterkuile said

    I think you’re right Michelle – we assume that the North will be implementing technology sooner than the South, but with strong adaptation funds – I think we’ll be surprised with the new sources of clean energy that we’ll see!

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