Tag-Team: Australia & UK

October 19, 2008

Anna Keenan is Co-Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, so she’s a pretty cool person.

When she emailed me about a presentation to be given by Penny Wong, Australian Minister for Climate Change and Water, at the LSE, I was excited about what she asked me to do. The Australian government are about to set their legally-binding targets in greenhouse gas reductions, so the pressure is on, especially considering the destructive role Australia has played at the UN Climate Change talks over the last few years (before the election).

The question Anna and I wanted answered, was about the specific target reducations and how Australia will help push forward for a strong global deal. The Australian government, I think, genuinely does not want to contribute to climate change, but they’ve got a big job on their hands – 80% of Australia’s energy comes from coal.

Perhaps the best thing about this talk though, were the other questions from the floor! Two people critised the use of coal (even after Minister Wong talked about the investment into Carbon Capture and Storage technology), another wanted to know details of solar development. Another was on adaptation to water shortages, and someone else asked about the specifics of a Green Paper. Essentially – all of them were asking the Government to go further. And these questions were not from left-wing students, they were mostly Australian professionals and academics – I’m totally convinced that a large majority of Australians want strong cuts in polluting greenhouse gases, let’s hope the government delivers them.


One Response to “Tag-Team: Australia & UK”

  1. Anna Rose said

    Awesome!! Thanks Caspar! Heard you spoke to Minister Wong in the carpark outside – good on you :)

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