UK Youth Delegation

October 23, 2008

This weekend, in my parental home in Sussex, 15 young people from all over the UK came to become the first ever UK Youth Delegation to the UNFCCC talks. This is BIG people!

What started as a little idea on a ship in the Arctic has become a reality. I’ll introduce you to the team members over the coming weeks, but needless to say they are extraordinary – talented, intelligent, connected, big-thinking, brave, passionate, committed, hard-working and I’m just so thrilled to help bring them together. Instrumental in organising, leading and advising have been the wonderful Liz, Hanna and Jo from the inspiring Otesha Project UK.

Over the coming months the Policy team is learning as much as they can be about all the different (massively intricate) aspects of the UN process, about the latest science, and about the UK and EU position in relation to other key players. The Action team is creating and planning engaging and visually exciting stunts to attract press attention. They will be instrumental in getting the attention of the world’s cameras and making the Poznan talks worth reporting. Finally, the Media team will be working out key messages, sending press releases, building networks and making sure our story is the best it can be.

Stay up to date with what we’re up to at the soon-to-be-built, and if you want to be involved in helping on the ground here in the UK, let me know: We need people with all sorts of skills and experience. If you can use a telephone, you can help!

The beloved ‘what acronym/climate-themed-item have I got on my forhead?’ game to test our knowledge on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process. Jo here, has the Fossil of the Day award.

Liz gives us an insight into the ‘Day of the life of a youth delegate at COP’. We are slightly daunted by the idea of 7am-12pm working days, sixteen days in a row…

Guppi leads the Stand Up, Take Action moment, where over 100 million people stood up to take action on poverty. The table consists of delicious local, bio-dynamic food generously given to us by the local farm and school gardens.

Emily Cantrell (left) and Emily Lewis-Brown (right), who very kindly came to train our Actions and Policy working groups. Both informed and inspired the teams, and we’re very grateful for them coming to help!

Early morning exercise and micro-breaks were helped by the trampoline, as demonstrated here by Dan.


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