The Climate Generation

October 27, 2008

This really struck me when I read it on It’s Getting Hot In Here,

‘It’s a common sentiment among people my age – those of us who were born when the first consensus came out on climate change by the international scientific community.

Who was watching when we were 5-years-old and the IPCC wrote the first major climate change report? Who was in charge when we were 10 and science showed that humans were changing the climate? And what was the world doing at the creation of the Kyoto Protocol when we were 12?

But then we get a twinkle in our eyes as we remember that we dedicated ourselves to climate change at 18. We smile at each other when remembering being at the first meeting of the Kyoto Protocol at age 19.

And we break into a full grin when we realise we’re creating more changes than we ever thought possible at age 22. Meet my generation. The generation that woke up to climate change.’

Zoë Caron

And if you want proof – here’s the latest UN Environment Program statistics. 88 percent of young people around the world think global leaders should do “whatever it takes” to tackle climate change.


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