Usually, But Not This Time

October 28, 2008

The Arctic continues to be a seriously frightening alarm bell.

The Times reports that;

‘The Arctic icecap is now shrinking at record rates in the winter as well as summer, adding to evidence of disastrous melting near the North Pole, according to research by British scientists.

Usually the Arctic icecap recedes in summer and then grows back in winter. These findings suggest the period in which the ice renews itself has become much shorter.’

The super worrying thing though, is that the cause is not warm air temperature (in 2007 they were relatively cold), but a longer-term climate change like a rise in water temperature or ocean circulation. And if that’s confirmed, this could mean that the Arctic is likely to melt much faster than had been thought.

And this guy (one of the Polar Bears we saw) won’t survive that.


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