A Taste Of What Is To Come

November 12, 2008

Here is a video from last year’s UN Climate Change talks, where the Environment Minister Hilary Benn joined young people in an action – and to speak to them.

His speech is little condescending (‘You are the future’ – actually, no, We are the present…), but he understands the challenges we face.

In two weeks time, I will be doing something very similar to this:


One Response to “A Taste Of What Is To Come”

  1. Elle said

    I love that he thinks it’s his place, as someone who has been in his job 6 months, to inform you why climate change is important. Because those (young) people haven’t spent hundreds of pounds, numerous hours and kilojoules of effort figuring that out for themselves before they decided going to the Bali COP was a good idea, no no no, they just went for the fun!

    A good two minutes he spends outlining it in simple English, without substantial mention of the scientific, economic and political realities/problems. And then at the end he lays the responcibility for their being able to reach a decision on the heads of those outside of the negotiations, “keeping up the pressure”!

    It is as if he needed to convince you that you need to do your bit because he is doing his!

    As a side note, its pretty great for the climate that international negotiations necessitate that thousands of people go to Bali for a week to, in his words, decide that we will have negotiations for a further 2 years to eventually come to an agreement. Why not just skype it up, have a bit of a weblog, and stay at home – if young people ruled the world, it would be a lot quicker!

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