Final Post

January 26, 2009

As the lack of posts over recent weeks suggest, this blog has come to its natural conclusion.

Beginning with the excitement of the prospect of going to the Arctic, learning immensely about the science of climate change, the actual Voyage itself, the wonderful friendships, connections and ideas that came out of it, and then ending with the journey beyond.

The Voyage for the Future has fundamentally changed my life. Not only the fact that I spend every day working on the organisation I co-founded that seeks to build a united generational movement on climate change, but also that my world-view has grown tremendously. I have learned incredible amounts of new things, and am happy to say that applying for this WWF program was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and all your wonderful comments and encouragement.

It’s taken me a while to realise, but it’s people like us who we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you,


ps. Once our full site is up (later this year), I will be blogging with various other UK youth climate leaders – so keep your eyes peeled ; )



5 Responses to “Final Post”

  1. wadanatodo said

    mate, dissapointing! just as i’m really getting into my RSS feeds on igoogle there you go and end your blog.

    shame on you. shame. hehe just kidding, look forward to add the ukycc one.

    but what would be great to know, can you recommend some top blogs that you follow, on PR, communications, trends etc?

  2. David said

    sorry, that was from me…I was logged on on my organisations account! woops.

  3. cterkuile said

    haha – well, the Futerra blog is good.. and the murketing blog is fun, seth godin’s is essential, springwise is always innovative!

  4. Galo said

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  5. jerri butler said

    hi casper,
    how did you get involved with the wwf project in the artic, i have been on the website it appears quite difficult to apply for funding inorder to go.
    many thanks
    jerri butler

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