Casper ter Kuile is a 22-year-old graduate from the University of Warwick, committed to helping solve the climate crisis.

Before the Arctic voyage, he spent eight months living in Berlin, figuring out what he wanted to do with his life and enjoying baked German goods.

The Voyage for the Future Program allowed Casper to take the step from being a student campaigner to being an organiser in the Climate Movement by co-founding the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

Being passionate about inspiring, empowering and mobilising young people to take action on climate change, he hopes that this blog will give some insight into the exciting and powerful journey – not only to the Arctic, but the journey beyond as well.

To get in contact, please email him at casper [at] or visit his website.


14 Responses to “About Casper”

  1. Cecily Jones said

    Hi Casper,

    I’m just now editing your article for our Admissions newsletter – yes, I know, its a little behind schedule! – but I thought I’d take a look at your blog…it’s really good, fun but also informative and interesting..well done!

  2. Paul Edkins said

    Dear Casper

    I am almost moved to tears to see the work you have been doing and the extent to which you practice what you preach. You have really inspired me to continue to look for a career in the ‘fixing the world’ sector.

    I am at a loss for words to describe my amazement at what you have achieved so far and the ambition you maintain which drives you forward.

    I feel privileged to know you and I hope we always stay friends.

    Congratulations so far. Good luck for this adventure. Please keep in touch. I know you always do.

    Your friend

  3. Sholeh said


    I am so proud of you and, seconding Paul’s message, am totally inspired by you. I hope the rest of us can pull up our socks and get suck in with the same amount of zeal before it’s too late.

    I’m honoured to call myself your friend and I wish you all the best of luck with the voyage. I’ll be following you :)

    Love Sholeh x

  4. Emma Kenny said

    Hey Casper,

    Thought I’d come on and check this out! It looks absolutely incredible, a far cry from our THIMUN days. Have an amazing time, and good luck with it all.

    Emma x

  5. Suzanne said

    Hi Casper,

    I hope to hear what you see (and hear and smell) when you are outside. Birds? Fish? What kind of colours in the sky?
    What temperature is it?
    Love you and hope you will have fun and do the inspiring work that needs doing to get us all going in the right direction.
    I have picked salad in our greenhouse and the first ‘mange-tout’ this morning and so I don’t have to go to the shops. Might fill up my tank today though, as there was news on the radio that 1 in 10 petrol stations might be closed (petrol tank drivers are protesting).

  6. Olivier said

    Hi Casper,

    Cool to see you’re actually going to the Arctic, after the Arctic experience in Stegeren. I think it’s great how you put so much effort into a better world.
    Last weekend I read this article, wonder what you think about it:

    Take care,


  7. Chardonnay Khan said

    Dearest Casper
    Why am I not surprised to learn and read of this trip you are making with other amazing people. You can’t help but follow this path as you have a true resonance with everything you are learning. So wonderful. With love Chardonnay

  8. Martin Lehmann said

    Dear Casper,
    I’m very pleased to read such amazing things about your journey!
    This is kind of the things and efforts one knews from the movies. I’d never thought ever knowing one of these enviable people…

    I’m very very proud of knowing you and also want to thank you for the nice time with you in Berlin!
    We alle miss you here, soundshake misses you…
    But I feel lucky, that you got what you were searching for in Germany.

    Now go for it and make some part of the movies become real!

    Take Care

  9. Anna Rose said

    Hey Caspar

    Awesome blog. So excited about the UK YCC and glad we can help a little bit from down under here in Oz

    Anna :)

  10. Hey Casper – great blog! I just added a post to the MySpace forum you mention in your blog:

    Please respond – let’s get the debate going on geothermal – see also:

    I read about you in the East Grinstead Courier by the way! Regards,

    John Wood
    East Grinstead

  11. Andy said

    Go for it – please let us know when you have finalised your research, I have alot of people that would be interested in seeing it and circulating it.


  12. […] theme for this week’s show was chosen by Casper ter Kuile, co director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. Hear his climate change song choices, along with […]

  13. Kim said

    Hoi Cas.

    Leuke site hoor! Het klimaat komt jou helemaal ten goede he?! Is de studie nog wel een deel van je tijd ;) hahaha. Zo te zien nog helemaal zin in het leven, veel geluk ermee! En jammer dat ik je niet zo vaak zie als je zusjes!

    Groetjes Kim

  14. Flashmob said

    Thanks this was a good read

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